Who Are We? 

We are Jewish Business Network of Arizona – a Jewish Entrepreneurial Chavurah that is dedicated to enhancing your business efforts through local, meaningful Jewish relationships.  This, in its essence, is what sets us apart from other business networks, other breakfast/lunch/happy hour groups – we seek to serve the community by developing connections with each other, assisting in the development or promotion of our businesses, and engaging in philanthropic acts of tzedakah.

If you are interested in becoming a Jewish Business Network member contact us at info@jbnaz.org.

Jewish Moment?

Eddie Pantiliat reminds us that the Jewish people have been around for 3500 years – before Christianity, before Islam and other major religions.  Eddie shares that when we light the Menorah, we should light it by a window so that others can see it from outside – part of the mitzvah of lighting the candles is lighting them so that others can see them.  During Chanukah (25th of Kislev), we are giving thanks to God for creating us, in this way, Thanksgiving comes from Chanukah because this is the holiday of Thank You.  Christmas begins on the 25th of December – and Christians also celebrate their holiday with lights – coincidence??  No, it did come from Judaism.  We light our lights to connect us to God and thank God for having us – we don’t need anything more than a candle to do that.  Judaism is not about being material, drawing attention to our HAVES, it is about being good people, righteous, charitous, having integrity, having positive relationships with our family and friends.

Business Moment?

Heather Rykowski submitted the following:

Author Barry Moltz

  • Do not start the day by checking e-mail, voice messages or social media feeds.
  • Start by completing two things on your list that must get done today.
  • Make decisions and take action.
  • Deal with every e-mail once.
  • Focus on doing one thing at a time.
  • Control distractions.
  • Stay off the Internet, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter unless you have a plan.
  • Do not enter a meeting without a written agenda and a stop time.
  • Delegate to others (or, creatively outsource).
  • Recharge

 Am I making the very best use of my time right now?

Jewish Business Network Announcements:

Michael Cohen reports that he is participating in an Astra Zeneca study for the COVID-19 inoculation & booster shot.  Michael shared that he is about to get his second inoculation.

We discussed the various nuances of social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.  Michele reminded us that each has differing demographics and can be used creatively to support our businesses.

Please take a look at the Speaker’s List for 2021, that’s been shared with you in Google Docs, and sign up for any open slots.  Let Audrey know if you have any ideas for creative meeting activities during times when we will have no speaker.

Presenter: Jacqueline Breger, Farmer’s Insurance

Jacqueline introduced herself, noting that she came to AZ from S. Africa when she was 25 years old. She got involved with the Jewish Community, has been active in non-profit organizations here, and shared that she worked very hard to integrate into our community.  Jacqueline reports that she decided to purchase a Farmer’s Insurance Agency not only because she likes to help people make sure that they are protected, but also because she likes to partner with them when they need her reassurance the most.