January 17, 2023 | Networking Meeting Recap

Jewish Moment – presented by Jacob Leiferman | Leiferman Enterprises

The role of women in Judaism is not what we think. Women often feel like second class citizens when it comes to Judaism and that Judaism is all about Patriarchal rule. However, if we look back in history, it is the Jewish women that were the most influential when it came to those moments in history that changed the course of the Jewish people. It was Sarah (Abraham’s wife) who said to Abraham that he needs to separate Isaac and Esau. It was Rebecca who told Isaac that Jacob should receive the blessing as the first born. It was Queen Esther who took the initiative to save the Jews and it was the Jewish mothers at Mount Sanai that provided Hashem with the guarantee he asked for when handing over the Torah. The Jewish mothers guaranteed that their future generations would follow the Torah.

Business Moment presented by Stan Rykowski | AIT Promotions

Stan shared a simple yet poignant idea that we are to focus on ‘Dreams of the future, rather than the history of the past”. The idea is that we are to clear out old energy and make room for new goals and dreams.


Audrey is out with COVID-19.

Welcome to Dani Mattisinko, Rob’s wife.

Speaker – Shoshana Roller, CBD Lady

  • New website: cbdlady.us
  • She gets her products from greenplanetus.com
  • All products are certified organic
  • There are different strains of marijuana
  • She also has a range of products for pets
  • The most popular products are the salves
  • FAQs on the website is very informative

Networking Attendees and 30 Second Commercials

Bruce Newman, CMIT Soulutions
Jacob Leiferman, Leiferman Enterprises
Stan Rykowski, AIT Promotions
Shawn Bader, FACES Orthodontices
Michael Cohen, Barrett Financial
Bob Bernstein, eSeats
Jacquie Berger, Fine Berger Agency
Shoshana Roller, Abundance Of Health
Jodii Zimmerman, PriceMyAC.com

Next Meeting: February 7, 2023    Speaker: TBD