August 3, 2021 | Business Meeting Recap

Jewish Moment – presented by Audrey Jung | Jung Psych Services

Audrey read an article today posted by Leslie Litman – regional educator.  Judaism as a whole needs to update and upgrade and become more inclusive of their members by changing the language that they use to include interfaith families.

Interfaith does a disservice of those families who are active and involved members of the Jewish community. Many who have married outside of the faith have actually made more of an effort to raise their families Jewish – what language can we use to be more inclusive of these ‘spouses’. They made some suggestions as language guides our beliefs and philosophies.

Business Moment presented by Heather Rykowski | AIT Promotions

Appropriate with the Variant – Normal is not coming back and stop waiting!

1. You and your organization will be left behind. Hope is not a strategy and luck is not a tactic

2. Normal is not coming back and we don’t know what the new version is going to look like, take time to train and plan for the new normal.

3. Be in control of something – your thoughts, actions attitudes – chose not to be a victim


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Attendees and 30 Second Commercials

Bruce Newman, CMIT Solutions
Cary Frumes, Life At McDowell Mountain and BeLocal
Jacob Leiferman, Leiferman Enterprises
Audrey Jung, LPC, Jung Psych Services, LLC
Lorrie Feld, AZ Realty Group
Heather Rykowski, AIT Promotions
Michele Leon, Marketing Links
Michael Cohen, Barrett Financial
Cindy Gordon, Gordon Health Group, LLC
Lori Haberer, Hymson, Goldstein, Pantiliat and Lohr
Jacquire Breger, Fine Breger Agency


Shoshana Roller, Abundance of Health, private nutrition coaching.

Speaker – Cindy Gordon, Gordon Health Group

Cindy opened our eyes to health insurance options none of us knew about.

Next Meeting: August 17, 2021    Speaker: Cary Frumes, Life At McDowell Mountain and BeLocal