March 1, 2022 | Business Meeting Recap

Jewish Moment – presented by Shawn Bader | Faces Orthodontics

Shawn shared his Rabbi’s message regarding Ukraine.  He talked about the 5 things we can do:

  1. Donate to Ukraine Jewish Relief Fund
  2. Psalms 20, 23,120,130
  3. Special candle lighting
  4. Kids can become pen pals with Jewish kids in Ukraine
  5. Any Mitzvot that you can do

Our treasurer, Lorrie, will donate to Ukraine Jewish Community with the remaining donation money we have available.

Business Moment presented by Heather Rykowski | AIT Promotions

Discussion & Announcements

Bruce and Bob –

Europe is dealing with a tremendous crisis – trying to figure out how it affects us in USA. It shuts down any overseas business interaction. May drive up your business or can kill your business. So we try to assess where the risk areas are and refocus to where there is less vulnerability for our business. Bruce added that we are living in very insecure times, especially from a technology perspective – it’s going to get worse before it gets better. The US is good as offensive, but not defensive. He reminded us to  Turn on Two Factor Authentication for Social Media, Email, and Banking. Also, diversify your passwords (use a password manager).

Shoshana said this is like the Cubic Missile crisis.

President of Ukraine is Jewish  – 300K Jews in Ukraine

On a lighter note, Scott Busker is joining our group.

Speaker – LORRIE FELD, Realtor

Lorrie updated us on the Greater Phoenix Market from The Cromford Report (monthly)

  • SALE Median price of home in Greater PHoenix area is $430,000 (based on 1500 – 2000 sq/ft) in Jan 2022 vs Jan 2021 $260,00
    LEASE $2199 median Q1 2022 (1500-2000 sq/ft)
  • Not enough supply
  • It is cheaper to buy than rent
  • Largest Population growth from the following to AZ:
    LA County
    San Diego County
    Orange County
  • Increase by 269 people per day in Arizona.
  • Things that affect supply:
    New Home Construction
  • No indication that there will be a lot of foreclosures and forbearances in near future
  • Active supply on MLS around 5000 homes

Attendees and 30 Second Commercials

Bruce Newman, CMIT Solutions
Cary Frumes, Life At McDowell Mountain and BeLocal
Jacob Leiferman, Leiferman Enterprises
Audrey Jung, LPC, Jung Psych Services, LLC
Lorrie Feld, AZ Realty Group
Heather Rykowski, AIT Promotions
Ira Shapiro, Raintree Wealth Partners
Jacquie Breger, Berger Fine Agency
Michael Cohen, Barrett Financial
Shawn Bader, FACES Orthodontics
Shoshana Roller, Abundance Of Health
Bob Bernstein, ESeats
Michele Leon, Marketing Links

Next Meeting: March 15, 2022    Speaker: Michele Leon, Marketing Creative