March 15, 2022 | Networking Meeting Recap

Jewish Moment – presented by Eddie Pantiliat| Hymson, Goldstein, Pantiliat, and Lohr

This week we will celebrate Purim – where we once again praise G-d for saving us from total annihilation at the hands of the Persian king’s advisor.

Eddie shared with us the rationale behind the Fast of Esther, which begins at sundown Wednesday 3/16/2022, and commemorates the fasting of our ancestors as they asked G-d to save the Jews from Haman’s plan (input grogger sound here).  Eddie notes that this fast differs from others in our tradition, as a business is allowed to continue – it is only a fast from food and water.

When the fast period ends, Jews are commanded to listen to the whole Megilah twice:  once at sunset on 3/17/2022 and the next time in the morning of 3/18/2022.  We are encouraged to celebrate while drinking wine as this is considered the happiest day of the year – we survived.  Purim is also a festival where we are encouraged to dress in costumes and give out Mishloach Manaot baskets to our neighbors.  In this way our tradition differs from Halloween, as our children knock on doors to give away baked goods (things that we can recite a blessing over), not to ask for candy from others.

Business Moment presented by Heather Rykowski | AIT Promotions

Put in the effort when you need to and realize that everything does not need to be a top priority…learn balance.


In honor of Purim and in light of the Russian attacks on Ukraine, JBNAZ donated $500 to the Ukraine Relief Fund through Agudath Israel:
This donation was matched dollar for dollar, and therefore we were able to enhance their relief efforts by $1000.00.  Thank you to Lorrie, Eddie and Shawn for facilitating our donation.

Jodii Zimmerman announced that she has joined as a partner, and will now represent the AirCondition/Heating Trade within our membership.

NEW MEMBER:  We welcomed Dr. Scott Busker of Busker Chiropractic to our group.  Dr. Busker specializes in auto, sports, and work-related injuries and has onsite physical medicine and rehabilitation services.

Speaker – Michele Leon, Marketing Consultant and Service Provider

Michele reviewed the use of Canva as a presentation tool and demonstrated the variety of ways that her graphic artistry can benefit our businesses and personal events.  Michele reminds us that Marketing Links can produce Print & Digital Media (like business cards, flyers, postcards, brochures), Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn page covers, general posts, video posts, Stories and Reels, and Instagram Story Highlight graphics), Promotional Product Graphics (Tshirt designs, logos, branded materials), etc.  Marketing Links always produces the artwork in the proper file type stipulated by the intended use and other file types as needed upon request.

Attendees and 30 Second Commercials

Bruce Newman, CMIT Solutions
Cary Frumes, Life At McDowell Mountain and BeLocal
Jacob Leiferman, Leiferman Enterprises
Audrey Jung, LPC, Jung Psych Services, LLC
Lorrie Feld, AZ Realty Group
Heather Rykowski, AIT Promotions
Ira Shapiro, Raintree Wealth Partners
Jodii Zimmerman,
Michael Cohen, Barrett Financial
Eddie Pnatiliat, Hymson, Goldstein, Pantiliat, & Lohr, PLLC
Shoshana Roller, Abundance Of Health
Bob Bernstein, ESeats
Michele Leon, Marketing Links
Scott Busker, DC, Busker Chiropractic

Next Meeting: April 5, 2022    Speaker: Michael Cohen, Barrett Financial