July 5, 2022 | Networking Meeting Recap

Jewish Moment – presented by Jacob Leiferman| Leiferman Enterprises

Jacob discussed an amazing opportunity that his son has undertaken while in Israel this summer traveling with Jewish Students who have Latin/South American roots through Bnei Akiva.  Jacob shared that his son will live in Israel for 7 months and train with the military while there.  What an amazing opportunity to instill in our youth the love for Israel and our people!

Business Moment presented by Heather Rykowski | AIT Promotions

What is one thing you have never done before that can help or serve someone else?

Heather discussed the importance of self-care for us as business owners, noting that especially during times of great stress – taking time out to nurture one’s self can ensure that you bring your very best to the business day.

Ask Yourself Daily:
1.  What is the one thing that I can do (That I’ve never done before) that will help or serve someone else?
2.  Why am I showing up?
3.  What problem am I solving?
4.  What is the goal for me and for my team?
5.  How can I best ontrol what I can control?
6.  Am I doing my best?
7.  How am I making others feel?
8.  Who can I have a positive affect on today?
(Bart Berkley, Motivational Speaker)


Mazel Tov to Scott Busker on the occasion of his daughter’s engagement.
Toda Raba to everyone who offered moral support to Audrey Jung in the past few weeks.

Eddie Pantiliat plans to attend our next meeting in person and will be available to those of you who he has not yet met.  We look forward to see you again!


Caryn Weiss, Design Consultant for Bath Fitter

Contact Caryn to learn more about how she can help you update your old shower!
(Also, she is new to town and looking for great people to socialize with).

Speaker – Audrey Jung, LPC, Jung Psych Services

Audrey described Cognitive Behavior Therapy as a second-wave therapeutic modality which is an important here-and-now focus for individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, and uncertainty in their lives.

Attendees and 30 Second Commercials

Bruce Newman, CMIT Solutions
Cary Frumes, Life At McDowell Mountain and BeLocal
Jacob Leiferman, Leiferman Enterprises
Audrey Jung, LPC, Jung Psych Services, LLC
Lorrie Feld, AZ Realty Group
Heather Rykowski, AIT Promotions
Ira Shapiro, Raintree Wealth Partners
Michael Cohen, Barrett Financial
Shoshana Roller, Abundance Of Health
Michele Leon, Marketing Links
Scott Busker, DC, Busker Chiropractic

Next Meeting: July 19., 2022    Speaker: Eddie Pantiliat, Hymson, Goldstein, Pantiliat, and Lohr