Hello Friends!

During our business moment, Heather Rykowski of AIT Promotions reminded us that one of the best ways we can get our business to stand out among the competition is by providing quality service to others.

Eddie Pantilliat of Hymson Goldstein Pantiliat & Lohr, PLLC shared our Jewish Moment for the month of Elul – a time when we stop to hear the shofar blow, beginning that annual spiritual resent for the new year as Rosh Hashana is just a few weeks away.

Today we had a wonderful presentation by new member Cary Frumes of N2 Publishing.  Cary found his way to our group after thawing out from his Alaskan stint in the broadcast news industry.  His current ventures include amazing live networking, print and digital media magazines for Life At McDowell Mountain and Go Local.

If you haven’t already Zelled your $80 dues to Lorrie Feld, please do so.  We will begin discussing our annual charity contributions in October.  If you have a local Jewish Charity that you’d like our group to consider (and this could be a non-profit group that serves the greater Jewish Community as well), please forward the organizational information to me at counselor@audreyjung.com.

These are just a few of the many wonderful conversations we experience in our bi-monthly “Zoomings”, and we look forward to having many many more as the weeks march on.  Please share your fondness for JBNAZ with those Jewish entrepreneurs you meet in your travels this week, and encourage them to check us out.

Highlight for next meeting:  We will be recording our 30 second Elevator Speeches for later use as new content on our website (www.jbnaz.org).  Please come to our meeting prepared with a polished pitch.  You are also welcome to share the reason why you set aside time for JBN each month – what our organization has come to mean to you, personally and professionally.