Our demeanor, facial expressions and posture speak volumes.  Understand what they are saying.

Fidgeting: This is a sign of inattentive behavior. Avoid clicking your pen or tapping it against the table.  Doodling is a no-no too. Keep your hands still and your attention on the topic at hand.

Eye Contact: This is the easiest way to say you’re engaged and that you’re paying attention. Avoid being absorbed in note taking.

Posture: Listen to what your mother taught you. Sit up straight…shoulders back chest out. Lean slightly forward.  This posture expresses attentiveness and engagement. Don’t slouch, lean back or hunch over.  This sends the message that you are not alert or engaged.

Dress: If you want to put across that you mean business dress appropriately.  Make sure your hair is neat and clean as well as your clothing.  This includes your shoes. When you look good you feel good and more confident.

Smile:  One of the best, most powerful and positive forms of non-verbal communication.

Smiley face

Without saying a word, your body language can  send the right message!  What message are YOU conveying?